Bcleen® Fabric Softener lavender 2L
Product Description:Bcleen® Concentrated Fabric Softener with lavender Scent is a powerful laundry solution that makes clothes feel soft, fresh, and clean. This lavender scent fabric softener is available in a 2L bottle, making it perfect for regular use in households...
Dhs. 18.00
Bcleen® Detergent Liquid- Lavender Front/Top Load 2L
Product Description:Level up your laundry game with Bcleen Liquid Detergent-Lavender. Designed for superior stain removal and fabric care, this 2-liter bottle brings new life to your clothes. Experience the joy of wearing fresh and clean garments, thanks to Bcleen's potent...
Dhs. 19.00
Bcleen® Cream Hand Wash with Moisturizer Lavender 5 Liter
Product Description:Experience the gentle care of Bcleen Cream Handwash with Moisturizer, now available in a 5-liter package infused with the calming scent of lavender. Combining effective germ protection with moisturizing nourishment, Bcleen ensures your hands remain clean, soft, and surrounded...
Dhs. 25.00
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