Bcleen® Dishwashing Liquid - Grapefruit
Product Description:Improve your dishwashing experience with Bcleen Dishwashing Liquid in the invigorating Pink Grapefruit variant. This 500ml pack combines the cleansing power you need with a delightful citrus aroma. Embrace a touch of luxury in your daily routine as Bcleen...
Dhs. 4.00
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Bcleen® Hand Wash Soap Liquid Refill with moisturizing Rose Scent, 5 Liter Gallon
Product Description:Indulge in the soothing essence of Bcleen Hand Wash Soap Liquid Refill, infused with a moisturizing rose scent. With a generous 5-liter quantity, this refill ensures your hands remain clean, refreshed, and pampered. Elevate your hand washing routine and...
Dhs. 18.00
Bcleen® Shower Gel - Wild Flower Aroma 500ml
Product Description:Bcleen® Shower Gel Wildflower Scent is a refreshing and nourishing shower gel that cleanses your skin deeply while leaving behind a crisp wildflower scent. It is enriched with natural Argan oil to provide balanced care to your skin. Features:...
Dhs. 17.00
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