Bcleen Steel Wool (Pack of 6)
Product Description:Showcase your dishwashing prowess with the Bcleen Dishwashing Heavy Duty Steel Wool Scrubber. This set of 6 robust steel wool scrubbers is designed to tackle tough grime, grease, and stubborn residue on your kitchenware. With Bcleen, achieving sparkling clean...
Dhs. 3.25
Best Seller
Bcleen® 2 Ply Toilet Tissue Paper, 300 Sheets x 12 Rolls, White
Product Description:Enhance your bathroom experience with Bcleen's 2 Ply Toilet Tissue Paper. This pack contains 12 rolls, each boasting 300 soft and durable sheets. Whether for daily use or special moments, these white, 2-ply sheets provide the comfort and quality...
Dhs. 15.99
Bcleen® 2-Ply Kitchen Towel Paper Roll 22cm (60shts) - White - 2 Rolls
Product Description:Experience the convenience of Bcleen® Kitchen Paper Towel Roll – your reliable partner in maintaining a tidy home. With 2 rolls of 60 sheets each, this mega roll ensures you're always ready to tackle spills and messes. The 2-ply...
Dhs. 4.99
Best Seller
Bcleen® 2-Ply White Facial Tissue 20x20cmx300sheets - Pack of 5
Product Description: Bcleen® Premium Facial Tissue Paper is a high-quality, soft, and absorbent facial tissue paper that comes in a pack of 5 with 300 sheets per pack, and each sheet is 2-ply. The tissue paper is soft, gentle, and...
Dhs. 17.50
Bcleen® 3-Ply HD Compact Toilet Paper Roll (150shts) - White - 4 Roll
Product Description  Bcleen® 3-Ply HD Compact Toilet Paper Roll is an essential hygiene product for daily use. Each pack contains four rolls of high-quality toilet paper, each with 150 sheets of 3-ply paper, ensuring that you have a reliable supply...
Dhs. 8.00
Bcleen® 3-Ply Medium Cloth Face Mask with Adjustable Elastic -Grey/Black
Product Description Bcleen® 3-Ply Medium Cloth Face Mask with Adjustable Elastic - Grey/Black is a versatile and stylish face mask that provides effective protection against airborne particles. Its adjustable elastic ear loop and reusable design make it a comfortable and...
Dhs. 7.50

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